“Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths.” – Rumi

You can’t swing a lolcat by the tail on the Internet these days without banging into a quote by Rumi. In spite of how widespread his poetry is, few are familiar with the spiritual path that inspired his words.

Unwittingly I stumbled into Sufism in my mid-20s, and it blew my world open, turned everything upside down in the best possible way. Now I’m trying to make sense of my life as a walking contradiction, striving to live authentically in my pursuit of Truth with a capital T… Love with a capital L… Also occasionally humor with a lowercase h.

Writing is how I process, it’s how I make sense of this perplexing, ridiculous, heartbreaking, awe inspiring world. This blog is my take-no-prisoners approach to empowering everyone to stand in their own glorious contradictions, to explore the world beyond their own comfort zones. If you spend any time reading my posts, I hope they challenge you, provoke you, cause you to reflect.

This is my journey to search the depths of my heart: one part sassy California girl, another part cerebral bookworm. Two dashes mystical Islam, and a pinch of entrepreneurial spirit. Always curious, striving to be intellectually honest. 100% hopeless dreamer.

This is my journey to know myself, to make the most of this one precious life, to live it out loud and on my own terms…

…Are you in?

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